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What a difference 10 years can make!

My first studio space in 2010 and my current studio space 2020. What a difference 10 years can make. Seeing these pics together puts me in a place of awe and gratitude. Did I really build an art business? YES I DID!

So many years of doubts and fears, but I refused to stop. I always found a way. People kept buying my art (it still blows my mind to this day), allowing me to buy more art supplies to keep creating. I was a single parent at the start...working little side jobs to help supplement my business. I thought I should quit so many times. I would have a meltdown and then God would show me a path. I am so glad that I kept taking those paths. Thank you to all who have supported me over the years.

I have had so many people ask me about my art journey. I always give a small, condensed version (for times sake). But, for those of you who are truly interested to hear the stories from the early days....When did I start to paint? How did I develop my style? How did I turn it into a business? What did I learn along the way? What were my failures? My successes? I am planning to share those details throughout the year in the form of a short blog once or twice per month. I figure my 10th anniversary as an art business is a great time to begin sharing my journey.

So, if this interests you, please follow this blog. I will send via my newsletter letting you know that it is a blog entry. Stay tuned for the first post in this series. We will be going back to 2008...the beginning (well before I had any idea that I would EVER sell a piece of art, let alone start a business). I hope you stay with me.

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